Do more than default, this free utility named “Change Default Browser” can easily change your default web browser in Windows operating system, fix some related errors, such as html files (file extensions: *.html, *htm, *.xht, *.xhtml, *.shtml…) associations, the FTP/HTTP/HTTPs protocol open modes and so on, it supports the most popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browser.

How to use

After the program starts, it will automatically determine the web browser installed on your computer, if not found, you can click “Browse” button to select, then you simply select the browser name that you want to set the default, click the “set default browser” button, all related settings take effect immediately.

Why do you need this tool?

How to change default browser? if your computer has multiple web browsers, for the beginners, they often encounter such problem, the default way to open the web page will become very confusing sometimes. Some web browser have the “Set as default browser” feature, but that often can not completely solve this problem, this software is designed to deal with this situation, it can easily reset all related settings and help you solve this problem.

This program is a freeware, it needs to access the Windows system registry, so you should run it under administrator privileges.