Golf Clash Club :- How to Guide

Golf Clash is undoubtedly the most outstanding golf game one could play virtually with friends and family on Facebook, iOS and Android. From clubs to stats and upgrades, it is something awesome and unbeatable compared to any other such games.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks obstructing in front of a beginner is the lack of knowledge about how to manage the coins and clubs. And if you are in the opinion that sinking upgrades into clubs would bring better outcomes, then you are in an illusion and it’s totally unworthy.

In this article, we shall spotlight some of the essential tips and tricks guide necessary to guide you regarding how to manage the club collections properly. Let’s pay attention to the guidance thoroughly :

  1. Utilizing the Golf Clash Club Google Sheet — The Golf Clash club Google Sheet is highly informative and gives you the vivid idea about which club should be chosen. The sheet is regulated by the members of subreddit/r/golfclash and Playdemic forums. Initially, the sheet may seem quite confusing, but when you will understand the % Perfect Weighted Column. This % perfect weighted column is obtained by giving a particular amount of weight to certain factors. In fact, calculation of a club’s quality is based upon certain factors of the relevant category of club you are seeking for.

You may have a look at the sheet given below and check out there :

  1. Using the Club Ranker by Golf Clash Notebook — Apart from Google Sheet, there is another path for acquiring the desired goals. Thus, if you are not in a mood to browse for Golf Clash club Google Sheet, you can simply choose best alternative option of Club Ranker by golfclashnotebook.io for free. This is an amazing tool that helps you to find the best club for yourself.

All you need to do is to follow the three simple steps :

  • Select the category of club such as Drivers, Woods, Short Irons, etc. of your choice and preference.
  • Next, weight of every factor such as the , power, accuracy, etc. are allocated.
  • After this, the best club would appear at the top of the list and you could easily choose the best one for your wish
  • Upgrade clubs smartly : Many players believe that upgrading all the clubs to its maximum level would fetch more rewards in the clubs. However, it is not the right way at all. There are few clubs that are helpful in real sense depending upon the category you choose. Upgrade those useful clubs only, and not all the clubs as it will be vain. It is suggested not to waste the gems and coins on upgrading the unwanted clubs. And to find these best clubs, you could take the aid of Spreadsheet and Club Ranker as mentioned above.

For example – If driver’s category, then upgrade Thor’s Hammer, Apocalypse, and Extramile only as these are effective in the relevant category.

Well! That’s a short and simple guide regarding Golf Clash club. Hope the information proved to be worthy.

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