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Treasures play an important role to upgrade the level of battle cat. You first need to know about what treasures you can get for which kind of up-gradation during the game. Then discussion will go beyond on how we can get the maximum out of them. So, without wasting any single second, let us start!!! This guide has prepared for you to provide right information regarding the same.


There is a random chance of getting treasure every time you play the game. Game does a dice roll for letting you to get the treasure. Sometimes you get it right away and sometimes you need to play before getting it. There is no exact way to get the treasure reward guaranteed. You can get it from https://9×9.tv/battle-cats-hack/. To understand in brief, go through the points mentioned below.

Treasure hunting strategy: Treasure will be activated when you get at least a bronze tier after playing some games. Effectiveness improves each time as you get the treasure (some of them are discussed below).

Which treasures to get: In the end, every single treasure is important and you will find every single gold treasure eventually at some level.

Battle Cats Wiki: You can search for different cats here as per your requirement. You can also find details about cat like – Recharge time, Time between Attacks, Health Level and Attack Power.

Treasure Mechanism: There are also various treasures available in the game which will improve the performance of for cat. The activated Treasure remains permanent throughout the game play. Treasure effectiveness depends on the tier of game as:

Bronze tier Inferior boost

Silver tier Moderate boost

Gold tier Superior boost


  1. Treasure name – Cats of the Cosmos


  • Attacks against powerful Aliens – Stellar Garnet, Phoebe Beryl, Lunar Citrine, Ganymede Topaz, Callisto Amethyst
  • Increases anti-Metal abilities – Titanium Fruit
  • Anti-Zombie abilities have increased effect – Antimatter Fruit
  • Increases Anti-Alien abilities – Enigma Fruit
  • Increases Maximum energy total – Dark Matter
  • Increases XP received from battle – Neutrino
  • Activates a strange effect – Mystery Mask
  • Treasure name – Empire of Cats


  • Increases worker Cat efficiency – Energy Drink
  • Increases Worker cat wallet capacity – Giant Safe
  • Increases Production speed of cats – Relativity Clock
  • Increases XP received from battle – Philosopher’s Stone
  • Increases Cat base health – Smart Material Wall
  • Increases Money for defeating enemies – Super Register
  • Increases Cat health – Legendary Cat Shield
  • Increases Cat ATK – Legendary Cat Sword
  • Increases Cat Cannon attack – Energy Core
  • Increases Cat Cannon recharge speed – Turbo Machine
  • Increases Max cat energy – Management Bible
  • Treasure name – into the Future


  • Attacks against more powerful Aliens – Aqua Crystal, Plasma Crystal
  • Increased your Cat Base’s defence – Ancient Tablet
  • Decreases cat cannon recharge time – Mysterious force
  • Powerful Cat cannon attacks – Cosmic Energy
  • Effective Abilities used on Black enemies – Void Fruit
  • Effective Abilities used on Red enemies – Blood Fruit
  • Effective Abilities used on Floating enemies – Sky Fruit
  • Effective Abilities used on Angel enemies are more effective – Heaven’s Fruit
  • Increases energy recovery speed – Time Machine
  • Increases maximum energy – Future Tech

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