If we talk about the diverse category of games closely linked to the real world activities then SimCity build it game comes to the mind of every gamer. Simcity build game is a real-world virtual game in which the player acts like a mayor and helps the people to build a marvelous city.

This real-life stimulation game is full of surprises and highly addictive. The game currency is in the form of simoleons and sim cash which one have to earn by trading or selling the items one produces in the factory.

For every successive development of skyscraper or other development of the city, simoleons are awarded. For an easier gameplay, one can even buy sim cash with the help of a credit card or debit card. The transaction feature of the game is very safe and secure.

The primary focus of the game is to expand the area of the city, continue making more skyscrapers as possible and keeping the sims or people of the city happy.

In order to keep the people of the city happy one have to provide them access to basic facilities like power supply, water supply, sewage treatment plants, educational departments, fire stations etc. One can set up these facilities with the help of simoleons as well as sim cash.

This game is based on the levels. After completing each level, many game features get unlocked such as airports, dock, rocket station, fuel station etc. The motive of the game is to make your city bigger than others.

One can even check their global ranking in the world and check where they stand. In this game, people can earn simoleons by producing seed, chemicals, plastic and steel from the factories and bricks, wooden planks, nails from the hardware store. These materials are very essential for building the houses, skyscrapers, fire stations, bus stops etc.

Simcity build it game features –

  1. Simcity has got amazing graphics which are of high quality. There are a variety of game maps too which the user can zoom in and out for a better gaming experience.
  2. The background music of the game creates a serene environment which makes the game more addictive.
  3. This astonishing game is available for many devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, and Apple operating system devices.
  4. There are weekly updates in the game for a more real-life experience. The game works smoothly in every other device without any lag.

Simcity build it game specifications –

  1. License – Free
  2. Game size – 90 MB
  3. Language – English, Mandarin, Russian, French, Spanish, German.
  4. Author – Electronic Arts
  5. Date of release – 15 September 2014
  6. Version –
  7. Operating system requirements – Android 4.1 or higher. Supports Apple devices too.
  8. Game category – Simulation, adventure, strategy

Conclusion –

Overall sim city builds it the game is quite addictive game. This game is full of strategy and simulation through which one can learn many things. This game can be played by people of any age group and have got positive reviews worldwide and overall 50 million people have downloaded this game so far.

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